Why Factcheck

Spreading fake news and misinformation through digital media platforms has become a huge menace these days. Spreading unverified information can influence people make wrong decisions, impact their livelihoods, leave them panicky and in the worst scenario result in loss of lives. For the Governments, it can create hurdles on the smooth functioning of its various organs, adversely affect the governance & economic activity and lead to law & order issues.

In times such as Coronavirus pandemic, spreading fake news and misinformation can be much more damaging to the society at large and more challenging for the governments to ensure normal public order. Hence, curbing the fake news spread requires a concerted effort from all the stakeholders of the society.

Moreover, spreading Fake News and Misinformation during a Disaster is a punishable offence under Section 54 of Disaster Management Act 2005.

What does the section 54 of Disaster management say?

“Whoever makes or circulates a false alarm or warning as to disaster or its severity or magnitude, leading to panic, shall on conviction, be punishable with imprisonment which may be extended to one year with fine.”

Telangana Police Notice:


Do not share any unverified information via Social Media