Shri Bandi Sanjay’s misleading tweet about the arrest of BGUS activists in Hyderabad

Claim: Shri Bandi Sanjay alleged on Twitter that the BGUS activists were arrested for demanding Ganesh immersion arrangements.


Fact: Police arrested BGUS activists for conducting a rally without any prior permission. Hence the claim made is MISLEADING

The Telangana BJP president, Shri Bandi Sanjay is spreading misinformation that Bhagya Nagar Utsav Samithi (BGUS) activists have been arrested for demanding peaceful immersion and proper arrangements. However, the fact is that police arrested them for trying to conduct a rally without any prior permission.  According to the City Police Act, such events require prior permission. Any violation will be treated as per the law. Further, due to the Assembly session in progress, prohibitory orders are in effect within a four-km radius around the Assembly.

The court provided interim relief to idol makers and has asked them to immerse the POP idols in places other than Hussain Sagar. BGUS activists tried to conduct a bike rally sans police permission.  Shri Bandi Sanjay alleged on Twitter that the activists were arrested for demanding immersion arrangements. In fact, GHMC officials said that all advanced arrangements have been made for the immersion. for peaceful immersion 31 lakes, 74 baby ponds have been identified, 280 cranes, 130 mobile cranes, and more than 10 thousand sanitation workers have been arranged. 

The court, in its order dated July 21, 2022, has specifically mentioned that POP idols will not be allowed to be immersed in Hussain Sagar. The government is following the court’s order. However, alternate arrangements have been made by the GHMC for the city to bid a happy farewell to Lord Vinayaka.

Attaching the court’s order for reference.

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Conclusion: To sum it up, the allegations made by Shri Bandi Sanjay are misleading in nature.