Fake news about a person’s suicide in Medak district.

A fake news is being shared on social media reporting the death of a person who tried to commit suicide.

Let’s verify the facts.


An area of 5 acre land has been identified by MPDO in consultation with Forest department in Kukatpally RF in survey no 117 of Devulapally village of Kowdipally mandal which was notified under sec 4 of state forest act and located in Kowdipally range in Medak district for raising Bruhat Palle Prakriti Vanam (BPPV) as the location is not having tree growth and open and fit for development as BPPV. 

A person named Srisailam who belongs to Devulapally village of Kowdipally mandal of Medak district has encroached the forest land to an extent of 1 acre and has been cultivating the land for some time. He tried to occupy another 4 acres of nearby Forest land where BPPV is proposed. When the local Sarpanch and the Forest officials made preparations to take over the land to develop Palle Prakruthi Vanam, he made a selfie video and consumed pesticide in order to prevent the officials from taking over the forest land. However, he was taken to the hospital where is undergoing treatment. His condition is stable.

Telangana BJP President Sri Bandi Sanjay tweeted the video and tried to paint the State government in poor light using the the above mentioned suicide attempt by the person stating that the farmer and his mother “committed suicide due to atrocities of the State government”. Sometime later he admitted to the faux pas stating that he got misled by a news report. While Srisailam who is undergoing treatment at Medak Hospital is safe, his mother did not attempt suicide. 


This news was first telecasted on NTV Telugu channel,  Asianet News Telugu posted this and later updated the article


When Telangana today reporters approached the locals,  they stated that Srisailam’s family did not have land and was only cultivating a piece of land on the forest fringe for some time. This was also verified by the RDO official. 

Thus, the news circulating in the social media about the death of a person who attempted to commit suicide is false.